The Best Ode’ to Mitzi Vines

Mitzi Vines is an avid advocate of all things Beachbody. After discovering Beachbody Mitzi has underwent an emotional, physical, and mental transformation from her own fitness & weight loss journey that has forever changed her outlook on fitness, quality of life, and overall health.

Not only does she strive to be the best she can be – she wants to share her experience with others and to inspire them to become the best selves they can be!

No this post is not written by Mitzi, but it is written with warm regard and admiration of all the things that Mitzi stands for as a “country bumpkin” with a lot to contribute to Beachbody and her amazing Beachbody team followers and friends…

It was no easy journey to go from flabby to fit after 40 and in the thralls of menopause- but Mitzi changed it and is forever thankful for everything that utterly transformed her life and body to what it is today.

Mitzi said this on #transformationtuesday:

Remembering back on this #TransformationTuesdsy how miserable the girl on the left felt 😞

Menopause had taken over my body after several years of being in the best shape I had ever been in, fiddled with my emotions & played banjo with my sleep patterns. 😫

Trying every recommended thing I was told about, drinking wine like a fish and eating comfort foods to soothe the emotions. It became a downward spiral of a place that was causing friction in our marriage and a place I was totally miserable in. 😶

Last January, I chose to get back to basics, get off all hormones and start all over. Staying on track for 60 days but instead of 80/20, I switched to 90/10 and after 2 years of struggling to drop weight, I was able to drop 20lbs. 💃🏼

Now since then, I’ve went up/down a few pounds here and there, but know now what works and how to get right back on track after a long weekend away. 😁

I know how hard it is and how feeling like shit in your own skin can drag to rock bottom. But you don’t have to do it alone or keep struggling. 
I want to help you find your own path and strength and bring out the best version of yourself. 😍

Mitzi Vines brings light, love, reality and relentless support as you can tell by her above commentary. She is quite unique and amazing soul that will touch your heart, make you smile, and find a way to reach you in ways that you have never imagined.

She will inspire, motivate, and help you towards your journey to losing weight, being healthier, or generally becoming happy in your own skin.

She is infectious! Like sunshine on a rainy day, or a rainbow in the sky when lightening just struck nearby. Certainly a gem to Beachbody coming from someone who has watched her from afar and loved every moment of what she brings to others in her quest to help others find peace with their fitness, bodies, minds, hearts, and souls!

If there was any Beachbody Coach that could demonstrate to you that the impossible – is really possible and that everything you crave for your better health, body, and fitness can be accomplished, it can be DONE with Mitzi Vine is your coach and when you have someone like her on your side that has your back, always!

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