Day 14 of The Beachbody Ultimate Reset

So today is the last day of Detox and the 2nd week and starting the morning off with more fruit. I polished off another cantaloupe, I think that’s 3 so far. I’m so digging all this fresh fruit. So juicy flavorful. So while the sun is out, I decided to pull some weeds out of the garden. And I can tell you one thing that whoever the inventor of Johnson Grass is, should be hung….lol
That stuff has crazy roots & is coming up everywhere. I really don’t think you can kill it. So had a long talk with a great friend and learned how to keep cabbage & broccoli worms of my plants which will really help since they are trying to eat it to death. Just need to find a spray bottle to put the dish washing liquid in. I hope this works cause I don’t want to have to use chemicals. After all this work, I had built up quite an appetite. And today along with a Microgreen Salad I get to have Butternut Squash Soup. You take the remainder of the squash from last night, but it up, after I baked it a little bit, put it in a blender with some coconut milk & I’ve something that I would have never believed I would ever eat much less love. I warmed it up a little but and left it a little thick and it was like a dessert. I loved every bit. And can tell you that you really are what you eat…I know TMI, but I’m never seen purple before…
Ok change the subject. So I’m off the store to get me some Cayenne Pepper and moth balls. So while I’m at the store, I run into a friend that had to give me an update of all the latest gossip. When she got done, I felt like I had just watched As The World Turns. It just lets you know that your life isn’t all that bad at all. So I finally got home with all my goodies to fight squirrels Luckly I had some nice pretty tanned stockings to use and I got busy filling them up with moth balls. Doused the cayenne pepper all over my suet and just set back and waited. After a couple of hours, I didn’t see one single squirrel. So I was very happy. By that time the hubs was home and it was time to get supper ready. Since he’s not doing the Reset with me, he decided to have tacos, which was fine with me. Easy to make. So I got busy getting mine ready which after I read, realized that it didn’t take really that long at all. It was Edamame and Roasted Corn Succotash & steamed Kale, which I substituted for spinach. I really liked this recipe not sure why I haven’t had it before. But I know I will have it more often now.
I’m so glad this reset came with a book with all the recipes along the website with everything listed that you’ll need for each one. It makes it so easy and very full proof. I just love having every meal layed out for me, no thought involved. I know what I’m going to eat. I definitely need to get in better habit of this when the Reset is over. I know I’ve learned so much so far and have taken more away from this than just weight loss. So don’t miss a single minute on Day 15, the first day of the last week or if you need to get caught up on what’s going on, go back to Day 13.

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