Reasons You Should Be Growing Your Own Food

Growing your own food might seem to be a pointless endeavor when you can buy your produce from a store but there are plenty of benefits to taking the time to make your own. With so many scares about the nature of our food and the journey that it takes to getting to our plate you can have peace of mind by monitoring every stage in the process.

Fiscally growing your own makes sense as having a small allotment with some returning crops can save you money when you go out food shopping. Once you’ve had your first harvest you can keep the seeds for next year, which will cut out the initial cost of starting up your garden again.

If you’re environmentally conscious you can do your part to reduce your impact by tending to your own vegetables. Aside from the obvious lessened travel from ground to table you’ll also be reducing the amount of pesticides that are used worldwide. Organic food tends to taste fresher and has less potential effects on your body so you can rest easy when you know where your food comes from.

When you have more vegetables and fruits at your disposal you’ll be tempted into eating healthier more easily. You won’t need to head all the way to the shop to get your healthy foods and if they’re on your doorstep you’ll be much more likely to eat them. With fresher tasting salads and accompaniments you’ll look forward to eating them too, so it’s easier to get your five a day.

As well as eating healthier you’ll also be exercising more when you’re gardening as it’s actually a really physical process. You’ll feel better than ever with this improved diet and additional exercise so the benefits of growing your own are felt in a variety of different ways. You can also feel happy and proud of the fact that you’re self-sufficient and helping the environment at the same time. Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint, you’ll also be less likely to waste food as you can take it out the ground when you’re ready. As you’ve put in so much hard work you’ll also be more likely to make the effort and preserve your unused fruits and vegetables.

When you start to select your seeds you’ll already be helping crop diversity around the world. With our diets more reliant on a few popular crops, such as potatoes, farmers now focus on less diverse crops to cater to demand. This monoculture is dangerous for the planet as a single strain of bacteria could knock out thousands of pounds worth of crops. This science is what caused the Great Potato Famine, so it’s important to keep our gardens as diverse as possible.

With so many fantastic reasons to start growing your own crops the initial effort to get started is well worth it. You could be feeling better, eating nicer tasting food and reducing your impact on the environment in one fell swoop. If you’re an urban dweller who doesn’t have a garden of their own then look into getting an allotment as they’re cheaper and more convenient than you might think.

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