The Struggle is Real: Workout Issues You Can Associate With

When you first get into the fitness world, there are a lot of new experiences that you will have. Maybe you decided to get into working out because of a friend, or you scrolled past a super fit Instagram account on the “Explore” page or maybe you just decided you wanted to be a more fit person.

Whatever your reason for starting to work out, people are often going to offer their own advice to you. Many times, there are things about being super active that they won’t tell you, and often times you have to figure it out on your own. Well, worry no longer because here is a list of some of the struggles you may endure when beginning your journey to the land of increased stamina and toned calves.

1. You essentially have to shower twice a day.

Depending on when you workout, you may end up showering two times per day. If you like to workout in the evening, you end up taking your morning shower to go to work or school, and then you also end up showering after your night workout. Granted, not everyone will do this, but it’s definitely an annoying possibility.

2. You do twice the amount of laundry.

Since most people don’t workout in their jeans and tunic, laundry seems to occur at more of a rapid rate once you start working out. Why? Well, you have your athletic wear and your casual wear — and that’s not even counting the ridiculous amount of socks you go through.

3. You pee all the time.

Working out more usually means you’re trying to take care of your body in the diet area as well; this means that you’re probably consuming lots of water to reap all of those dietary benefits. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear that you have to go to the restroom a couple of times every hour.

4. Your feet (especially toes) suffer.

If you’re incorporating running into your training, your feet are definitely going to hate you. Your toenails may go black or blue and depending on what shoes you’re wearing, you may also feel like your feet are being crushed. Running is amazing, though, so it’s worth it, you just have to make sure that if you’re running, you’re wearing proper fitting athletic shoes in order to avoid all of that.

5. You always need to have a supply of dry shampoo.

If you’re showering two times a day, hopefully you’re not washing your hair two times as well (you don’t want to dry it out). With that being said, you’re bound to get sweaty on your scalp, so you’ll want to make sure you use dry shampoo after your workouts in order to avoid any stench that may occur.

6. You start to carry wipes with you to take off your makeup before the gym.

Though it’s completely acceptable to wear a full face of makeup to the gym, it’s not practical. Many people end up with a couple of pimples after wearing foundation or something similar to the gym. So, when you start working out, just make sure to keep a pack of makeup wipes handy in order to wipe that gunk off before you go sweat.

7. You learn how to chug a drink (pre-workout) in 2.5 seconds because of its not-so-pleasant taste.


8. You begin to live in your workout wear.

Get ready to buy more yoga pants and running shorts because it’s way more comfortable than putting on jeans.

9. You develop an addiction to creeping on fitness accounts on Instagram.

After starting to notice changes in the way your body looks or you reach a new personal record, etc., you can’t help but want to find other people trying to accomplish the same thing.

10. You learn that places on your body you never thought could sweat actually can.

Who knew that your elbow pits, fingers, ears or knees could get so sweaty?

11. You feel incomplete without getting your daily workout in.

Once you start moving your body, you can’t help but get addicted to the feeling you have after you finish a workout — which is one of the greatest feelings ever. So anytime you may be feeling unmotivated, just remember how much better you will feel once you go and kill a stellar workout.

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